What Is Ego?

Austin Heeney
2 min readDec 24, 2022

symbolically: is it a fair trade, already, for the open-minded? why? ask questions.

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so is the mind capable of transcending the ego? is it? yes? no? why? what does it feel like? is it something? anything? nothing?

does the ego “tell you” things that possibly aren’t true? do some get so engrained in their own ego, that they can’t see straight-forward? that they can’t “see” straight? yes? no?

are they even using their own eyes?

quite possibly, do other countries think different than americans? are americans too engrained in their own egos? no assumptions. just asking. but why? what’s the answer? are you too engrained that you can’t answer that question yourself?

does america ‘swallow’ the whole society in on intentional programming? yes? no? just asking.

and how do you get out of that?

is it wise to?

would it be wise to use your own mind that you were given? would that seem more plausible? yes? no? why?

so what is the answer?

is it a simple answer, or is it complex?