tooting the own horn here. 🎺🎺🎺

Austin Heeney
3 min readNov 23, 2022

now playing ::.:.:. L by tycho

check out Ocean Mist & The Sailmaker on Spotify or iTunes. did it a little ways back. was a blast. enjoy, if you like the music great. if you don’t like it, that’s great too. xoxo. enjoy <3

“we’re so excited to release this music, it’s been such a blast!!! thanks everyone for the support!!!! hahahahahahaha”

was a blast making this stuff. on the fly piano stuff in scottsdale (Ocean Mist), & more structured approach (The Sailmaker.)

random thought wednesday: so for the idealist, what actually is reality? that’s a big question. well, this Earth ‘world’ we live in now wasn’t an accident. that’s for darn sure. i know who my Lord & Saviour is, and the salvation isn’t music. i worship the Living God Jesus Christ. i put my trust in Him. i am a sinner.

Jesus Christ is Alive! He is waiting to hear your prayer, what do you need to say? while no one is watching, pray to Him. He is waiting. the prayer doesn’t have to be ‘trying perfect.’ say what you need to say. again, He is waiting to hear your prayer.

on a side note, here’s just some tunes. you don’t have to listen to it. do not care about that. just felt like sharing some past repertoire

if you will. enjoy, or don’t enjoy. cheers xo

those nice & shiny spotify .000000000001 per play pennies


odometer reading today, just felt like taking a photo. relax. in the popeyes drive thru now getting a medium diet coke light ice. this photo, it looks like that’s thyme. looks like the pop was on the house today…