The Song That Was Heard With Deaf Ears

Austin Heeney
3 min readNov 19

happened to come across the most random video tonight of an artist singing an original song, and it cut pretty deep. but what also cut deep, as i asked myself, will this song ever be heard? kind of a ‘wanting’ up and coming artist, trying to be heard — trying to be seen. i suppose, you see in mainstream, commercial applications, how big artists get. now don’t get me wrong, there are many well-known artists out there; and that their songs will be played for decades to come. and their songs were heard, and the stories played out for all to see. of course, success stories abound.. and artists that put everything in — and ended up getting it all back. but also, artists that put everything in, and really didn’t get much, if anything back. i was on the latter of that. as well, this writing isn’t about me personally.

trying to relate here.

yet sometimes, even if you listen as close as you can to songs that mean the most to you, sometimes you can’t even tell their real intentions. sometimes there’s a euphoria intertwined, sometimes there’s a nostalgia, sometimes there could be some concrete direct forwardness. all in all, usually quite the mystery; as music is quite mysterious itself. but listening to this artist tonight, i connected deeply and it ignited a flame, and an odd flame to write this. it reminded me of myself, and seeing that twinkle in the eye; it was wanting to connect with something far out. as in connecting with whatever ‘that’ is, also connected with me. sure, a good singer, well-written lyrics, tone, all that good stuff, yadda yadda. but something else, for sure. yet on the other side of this, i guess, i always wanted to ask artists that ‘made it,’ doing it for a living. i would ask, “do you feel like you got what you wanted out of this?” now who knows what kind of answers i would get, as it most likely would be mixed.

but i really feel, i know the feeling of trying to connect in that way, and how you would want others to feel. or what you, as a writer or musician, would want them to feel. or, what would be perceived as a listener. trying to reach so deep, that you could reach whatever ‘that’ was musically, and translate that back to the listener.

i don’t know if i want to talk any more about this, but i will sum it up and say this though: i feel that all us artists, singers, musicians out there, really share quite the common ground. not to say that all of us in the world would get along in a room.. but we might all end up choosing one side of a battlefield if it came down to it. in that, we know what it is like, we understand human emotion quite well. and i suppose, we really just intend on connecting with the listener. if we could just convey the right emotion and feeling we wanted you to feel, than maybe that’s all we wanted. there’s many different possibilities and outcomes to any of this gab, but just trying to catch the bigger picture.

anyways, ‘let’s take it back to the top.’

i hope that artist gets what they’re looking for.

sometimes we don’t even know what we’re looking for,

we just create to create.

it’s a confusing world.