The Mystery of Life

Austin Heeney
2 min readOct 3

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I’ve been contemplating the meaning and mystery of life. It’s interesting to see and feel how people connect to others, through language, emotion, song, body language, feeling; the list keeps on going. Connecting to others is what brings depth, differences, trust, belief, harmony. At least so, it can. Other times, quite the opposite. There are some connections in my life, maybe a handful or two.. that are at the utmost mystery. Neither can I put a finger on it, or otherwise try to do so. The famous “let it be,” may apply here. I found to vigorously dabble into the world of writing, and if you read these, you may understand me deeper. It feels as if to take one full hand and stretch it down to your feet, full of every emotion inside, to bring it all the way down and then, with the most fragile state of mind, let it go. let it all out. that’s what writing feels like to me. At times, it may be under the rosiest colored-glasses, which is ok. I suppose, why is it, that you feel tied to someone, and others nothing? What is the answer.

My question for you, is what is it to live at the deepest level? What drives you to reach all aspects of the mystery of your own life, all aspects of your emotions, all aspects of learning how to fully feel. Or, to fully think? Will that, possibly, give you meaning? Will that set your mind free, or will it set it ablaze?

If you never ask those questions, then,

can you ask why?

I suppose, all in all, some of the things mentioned here feels quite vulnerable, as vulnerable as I can write. I really do ask these questions. I suppose, some, who happen to come across this would think nothing of it, think it’s odd, or not put any thought to it.

How about, put some thought into it. Think. Explore. Who are you. What is this life we live in. Is it a mystery? Or has it even crossed your mind. I encourage you to think deeper, feel deeper, and explore this seemingly beautiful life we live in daily. I suppose if one is dotting the i’s, crossing the t’s, and modern jargon of going through the motions; that could be a very big problem. For me, personally, I suppose it’s an inward battle of being chained to the world of emotion. I’ll stay there, it feels good most of the time.