Looking for Freedom

Austin Heeney
Jan 18, 2023


now playing :. state lines by novo amor

now playing ::. euphor by novo amor

where is freedom?

where is bliss?

where is oneness?

where is it found?

where does it go?

is perfection good?

is perfection bad?

what are your dreams?

what do your dreams tell you?

do you dream?

what is the meaning?

where is freedom found?

where is the state,

at which everything is ok?

are you looking?

are you not looking?

what are you looking for?

where are you looking?


thoughts, as of late. always asking questions, always curious. always wondering what’s the best, what’s the worst. what matters, what doesn’t matter. always reflecting, yet always moving forward. wondering about wondering. wondering about the ‘self,’ wondering about tomorrow. reflecting on yesterday.

just wondering,

why is it this way, why is it that way.