Innovation Is Key to Moving Everything Forward

Austin Heeney
3 min readJun 1, 2024

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i think it is interesting to see and understand one’s own underlying motives for doing or writing something. or understanding something. i’ve tried to understand my own motives over the past years, and tried to pick them apart.

i feel as if i’m stuck to a device trying to write, and pick apart what i’m thinking and feeling. i don’t like that feeling,

but if it helps, it helps.

it’s almost as if i’m working up a ladder of sorts, trying to achieve this, trying to do that, trying to finish this, trying to accomplish that. which is a great attitude, but what happens when you get to the top?

what are you left with?

almost, if you were the only one at the top, there is nobody around. where as, if you started at the bottom, you would have everything to gain, correct?

instead, the body is an amazing organism… i find if i take care of my body, i feel happy, i feel very good. what if i gave you 8,000$, but you felt miserable all the while. but what if i gave you nothing, and you already felt great all the time. which one would you choose?

here is why i’m getting at,