Hubbard // SSC, NE

Austin Heeney
2 min readAug 15, 2023


family reunion & hometown visit 8/12/23

now playing :. fair by normani

i didn’t take pics of SSC, they’re still too engrained in the mind. i took my wife there saturday night, and it was too fun. time has a way of stopping in a small town, and it’s peaceful. eating at an old-time joint off dakota ave. scooting around the tri-state area, shopping at the southern hills mall, watching the ski-doos off the missouri river, kissing on a bench at crystal cove park while the sun sets.

you know, up late tonight back in PHX having some quiet time, and the city still feels in arms reach. yet the map says 1,400 miles away.

it’s fascinating what an imagination can do.

it was so good to see family.

but i like PHX.

i like the heat, the palm trees, the wide freeways, the melting pot of people here.

it feels taller and more aggressive, yet towns like SSC feel small and peaceful. neither town is better, they’re both just different. i’ll take both, yet that’s not realistic is it. just a quick snapshot of a wonderful weekend. have a great night, it’s way past my bedtime.