what does Mark 6:4–6 say?

Austin Heeney
1 min readNov 18, 2022

what does Matthew 10:40–42 say?

praising You Lord Jesus Christ in the Heavens tonight, for i am a sinner. i am nothing. Amen.

Jesus Christ is the True Prophet.

i fear You my Lord Jesus Christ, i am nothing.

i am a sinner, look :.

with a gray scarf, & blue hood. think.

34 Horses, 78 Men.

unwanting severe & excruciating emotional and physical pain is a wonderful blessing. for what is pleasure, without pain? i would like to experience both, in the purest form. for there is no reason to complain about any sort of pain from the body or mind. for if i weep for hours on end, i will still look up to the Heavens with Peace, Joy, & Love. again, unwanting pain is very, very beautiful. i worship my Lord Jesus Christ, for i am a sinner.

Yahweh is my God.

Yahweh is my God.

Yahweh is my God.

may the whole world know,

Jesus Christ is my Saviour!