Fields of Green

Austin Heeney
2 min readAug 12, 2023

playing: from time by drake, jhené aiko,

save room for us by tinashe

why do you dream?

why do you want to escape?

what are you escaping from?

while watching the billowing clouds,

fly over the crystal blue sky

i dream of a world not like this one.

take me to the clouds,

take me past the sky,

take me somewhere unknown,

take me somewhere i’ve never been

take me to deep fields of green.

where water never stops flowing,

where the mountaintops never cease;

to be white

where the air smells like forever pine

where the leaves turn, and then fall.

take me where there is no pain,

where there is no hurt, no fear.

for if an escapist dreams,

does he ever stop dreaming?

don’t make the dreams stop,

don’t make the happiness end.

for if they call it a circle of life,

that has to be right.

for there are many things i do not understand,

but forever will i wander,

forever will i ponder,

forever will i wonder why?

why it is so, why it isn’t so.

too many unanswered questions,

yet i will leave them unanswered for now.

oh no, for my dreams haven’t faded,

nor will they ever be.

i’ll leave them just where they are, on the tallest snowy mountaintop. on the tallest cloud in the sky, that somehow touches the sky above; like the most breathtaking piece of art.

as i take another deep breath in, seemingly, so does the crystal blue sky above me.