a letter to my Dad.

Austin Heeney
3 min readNov 23, 2022

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“10 birds soaring east quickly, 1 carried?”

for if intuition is present, among other things,

does the mind’s eye follow? yes? no?

or the opposite. for if it is true or not,

which is the case? something? nothing?

ask. questions. why? the letter as follow:

thank you for sending me encouraging words & scriptures the other day. it was also nice talking to you today. we do have our differences, but it’s ok. you have always been beside me through the hard times, & the good times. words can’t really express. but thank you, for trying to understand me; even though, we have our differences. it is ok to have differences. it’s working together, to try to find solutions. my deepest sympathies go out to you, with you having heart trouble in the past. it was very hard to hear some of the things you went through. but i am glad to see you working through that, and living a healthy lifestyle.

it should never be, an agreement to disagree. that causes strife & conflict. it should be, a walking alongside each other and encouraging other.

may we fully fix our eyes on our Living God.

words can’t express, but this is a try.

love you very much dad, & friend.

— austin, Son of James

what was seen. now to the scriptures, what does

Matthew 5:14–16 say?

carefully, and intently, read the whole chapter preferably; absolutely beautiful.

in other news, have a great day everyone.

everyone have a wonderful thanksgiving!!!

countless blessings to be thankful for.