A Breeze of Sanity

Austin Heeney
Jul 16, 2023


now playing :. different lives by fly by midnight

connoisseurs of something new

explorers of the unknown

an invigoration of sorts,

what a breath of fresh air.

that smell of something sweet in the air

oh, if you could see it

oh, if you could feel it

friends past forever, beyond of course.

a breeze not of yesterday, today, or tomorrow

a breeze that is

aren’t dreams of the most wonderful?

for if an ideal comes crashing down,

does a new one not grow?

forever moving forward,

forever sane, forever alive.

for if fear drove the ship,

did it still make it to shore?

for the stars need not aligned, for the most pleasant breeze to pass by. it passed, again, again, and all over again.